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                                                                       Magyarország a hősök nemzete, Németország az erényt, Franciaország a szabadságot,
                                                                               Olaszország a dicsőséget képviseli a nemzetek sorában. Magyarország a hősiesség megtestesülése.
Victor Hugo

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      HRA:(Hungaryan Royal Army) 


Hungary is the nation of heroes. Germany represents the virtue,
France represents the freedom, Italy represents the glory amongst 
the nations. Hungary represents the Heroism!
Victor Hugo

This mod was made to represent the unworthly forgotten battles and acts of the Royal Hungarian Army during World War II, and change the historical misunderstandings around it. Starting from the first moves, ( the decomposition of the former Kingdom of Yugoslavia ) till the end of the war, the mod tries to present the military acts of the Hungarian army as realistic as the game engine allowes. The mod contains the whole arsenal of weapons, that was used by Hungary during the years of war, representing its variation. Large selection of minor nation's units are also included, like: Yugoslavia, Romania and Slovakia, so HRA gives a good soil for further chapters and/or campaigns of theese nations. German, Italian and Soviet units can be found in huge numers as well.

Mod Attributes:

- New, complately playable nations: Hungary. Yugoslavia, Romania, Slovakia, Italy
- Huge mumbers of new, or modified skins and models. Every nation has its unique, and most common units.
- New buildings, objects, and bridges
- New terrain texture, which gives more realistic look for maps.
- New effects
- New sounds and sound effects. Every nation's soldier speaks in his own language.
- New, higher resolution textures for every unit.
- New user interface
- Increased HP: Mostly affects the artillery units, to remain useable a little longer. Infantry HP doubled.
- Motorized unit's rotating speed lowered to its moving speed, to solve the problem of too much unit rotating
- Tank tracks are visible for 10 times longer.
- Wracks remains visible for much longer.
- Reworked water textures, new equipments for moving in the water, much more realistic water crossings.
- Increased sight, double of vanilla BK's (60)  but in some cases it's even more, like armored scout cars.
    The sight of the tanks hasn't changed, because in real life it was hard to see too much of the outside for the tank crew.

- Incrased fire range. Depends on the specified unit. 
    Basic fire range is 60,
    but for AT units: 60-80,
    Mortars and heavy AA : 80-90, 
    Supporting artillery: 120-150,
    Light artillery: 200-250, 
    Medium range artillery: 300-400,
    Heavy artillery: 500-600, 
    Long range artillery: 800-1000

Unit list and pictures:

Hungary HRA:(Hungaryan Royal Army)

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